"Could taking the Low T Quiz give you HighD?"

The low testosterone ad campaign


"Ask your doctor if you're healthy enough to have sex?"

What are the cardiovascular demands of this ancient ritual, and what are the chances that a little sexercise could end up giving you a heart attack?Here's your answer...



"Terror on the High Seas"

The scalawag norovirus...


"Oxygen Nation: Tree huggers, one and all"

Why is it important that each of us confess to our inner tree hugger?


"Rand Paul's Bladder: Patriotism and the Micturition Reflex"

When only a urinal knows the truth...


"Phone Call for Parkinsons"

Bright idea for a bad disease...




"The Dying of the Light"

The Drawn-Out Indignities of The American Way of Death


"Doctor's office blood pressure readings often let us down."

New technology shows too many people are being treated for high blood pressure


"Our Unrealistic Attitudes About Death, Through a Doctor's Eyes"

Doing something often feels better than doing nothing


"Risk Factors vs. Risks: Predicting Cardiovascular Disease"

About half of those who suffer a heart attack have no risk factors. Say what?

"Why Do You Think They Call it Dope?"

I have never understood why people buy brand-name over-the-counter medications instead of generics.


"Sorry, you have an illness not endorsed by a celebrity"

Why celebrity-endorsed illenesses make me ill.